Path of Exile 2's beta might be delayed due to the coronavirus

  • Dungeon explorers who want to get "Path of Exile 2" this year may have to look for other things. The ARPG sequel will add a new seven-act story to the current game and is expected to be released as a Beta in the second half of this year, but Grinding Gear Games seems to have to withdraw it, and the POE Currency system in it has not been affected.

    "Our first guess is that some early beta testing will begin by the end of 2020." "However, as we approach this prediction, we will review it to make sure everything is ready. You can ask the community for comments . We think that getting rid of this situation will not help anyone!" Chris Wilson said.

    The studio announced the next free expansion package for the first game, Delirium, which is the main reason for the expected delay. China's outsourcing partners have been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has a knock-on effect on grinding gears. In order to keep Delirium unaffected, the studio made some changes to the Path of Exile 2 schedule so that more people can use Delirium.

    As the coronavirus outbreak has caused this situation, for security reasons, I hope that people in China can also delay office hours. This is another situation where the coronavirus outbreak intersects with gaming, Wilson explained.

    In the beginning, most of the cases were in China. So far, this has claimed about 3,000 lives. This led to the cancellation of some events, such as the Taipei Game Show, Overwatch League and the Chinese League of Legends Pro Series. Publishers and developers withdrew from PAX East and GDC, while PUBG Corp postponed events held in Germany outside of Asia.

    "Path of Exile 2" still has no release date, and Wilson said the studio will "release it when it's ready." Although the release time has yet to be considered, there is no doubt that many players will Buy POE Items before the release to make themselves more powerful in the game.