Despite DDoS attacks, the path of exile still hits a new high

  • The Delirium expansion of Path of Exile has enabled the dungeon search engine to reach the largest number of concurrent players so far. Even though DDoS attacks may hit these numbers, players will not be affected by the support of the POE Currency system.

    “Path of Exile” is a game that has reached new heights with each release. Although many players are looking forward to the final sequel of this game, there are still many exciting places in the first game. These places have recently launched an expanded version of Delirium. Even before the expansion of the console version, the abrasive game is worth celebrating, because the “Path of Exile” sets a new level of increase for players. It is especially worth noting that even in the face of DTOS attacks, it can also deal with it well.

    “Path of Exile: After we released “Path of Exile: Delirium”, I am thrilled that we have reached a new peak in the number of concurrent players." “Although prolonged DDOS attacks exacerbated some server problems , But things are going relatively smoothly.”

    According to Grinding Gear Games Co-founder Chris Wilson, Path of Exile had 237,160 players during the first weekend. The team believes this number may be higher, but a DDoS attack occurred when Delirium was launched.

    Wilson said in an interview with Shacknews: “At the beginning of the release of Legion last year, most of the players we recorded online were about 224,000 at a time.” “When Delirium was released, we attracted 237,160 players online at a time. If there is no DDoS attack, there may be more players, and this attack also affects our server.

    “Deirium” has been launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 18, and the good times of the road to exile will continue. Now that more information about Delirium is believed to be more complete, it has also been loved by many players., If you want to enjoy the path of exile better and smoother, POE Currency Xbox is an excellent choice.

    As we move on to “Path of Exile 2” and keep it on Shacknews, to get more information about the future of “Path of Exile”.