Tips to Maximize Every Spray of Your Natural Air Freshener

  • Since it’s a point and spray situation, it’s good to know the ways to maximize the effect. Is there a way to make the smell reach farther and last longer inside the house?

    The intensity of the smell will depend on your sense of smell. Yet there are instructions you can follow to maximize every drop of fragrance liquid of your air freshener.

    In a room

    Step 1: Shake the bottle for a few seconds

    Step 2: Put pressure on the valve release button

    – The more pressure you put on the button the fewer foams are formed in the nozzle. Foam is a concentrated liquid fragrance but it will not harm you IF you’re using natural sprays made from essential oils. Note that foaming is a waste of the essential oil liquid spray without much benefit.

    Step 3: Aim the nozzle on the area you want to deodorize

    Warning: Clear the room – or the house – if you’re using the aerosol air fresheners. Exposure might be dangerous for you and your child’s (or pet) respiratory system.

    Step 4: Spraying on fabric is safe when you’re using non-toxic, plant-based air sprays.

    Here are a few things to note when using regular spray or natural sprays.

    Don’t hold the spray for more than five seconds in small areas or near furniture.

    If you need to spray one place, make sure to use even sprays

    Generally, two to three spritzes should be good enough for a small area – like a 20 sqm room.

    Step 5: Close windows or doors for a few minutes after spraying.

    – Again, clear the room if you’re using chemical sprays

    – You can stay or leave the room depending on your tolerance to natural spray fragrance

    Step 6: Open the windows again and enjoy the lovely room smell

    In the kitchen

    It’s the same as using air freshener in any room. Just follow these guidelines and caveats.

    Do not use aerosol sprays near open flames

    Do not use any air freshener sprays near food

    Open windows and doors (or use your air ventilation fans in your condo) even if you’re using natural sprays

    Clear the table before spraying

    In the toilet

    Spraying in the toilet is also not that different from any room although you do have some more freedom to spray more.

    Again, please follow the guidelines below.

    You can maximize spraying in the toilet/bathroom/shower if you time it right. So if you live alone, spray a generous amount in your bathroom when you’re leaving for work or school.

    Close the door of your bathroom and let the fragrance or neutralizing properties of the air freshener do its job.

    Spray on moldy tiles and grout lines as these cause odors as well.

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