Who has ever played Runescape in any of its formats

  • I'm an inactive player I played from 2007-2011 and RuneScape gold I was just getting current on the game when I watched the Evolution of Combat update. IMO it seems like it completely ruined the match and makes me wonder whether I should begin playing again. Every day for those four years, I played at least 4 hours every day and it was the greatest thing in my life the friends, fun, rather than being bored. Seeing this upgrade has made me more miserable than I have ever been and I just feel very bad that they did it. So if I play with it or just try and forget all of the good memories I have had? Should I return to RS 07?

    Alot of it is subjective, NOONE who has ever played Runescape in any of its formats in any stage across the way can ever recreate that 1st thrill/flush of playing with a new game or content they had been awaiting. That being said everyone has a favourite game or period of development, if 07scape is exactly what you want to play as opposed to current version so be it. Alot of folks thought the same, & while there continue to be players on the servers which 1st rush of"OMG I miss this much" wore out fast for alot, in many cases because the motor might be the old one, however the community & mentality of players has moved on irrevocably.

    Theres things they have lost along the way or altered irrevocably in RS2 & EOC, but not without some excellent additions or improvements, personally I find 07 images gloomy, but they were reasonable for the moment. The equilibrium you, & we all, need to find will be do you wish to be stuck playing the sport you recall fondly, or watch the sport continue to grow, as far as some of that growth may be awful mutations.

    Some of you will laugh a number of you may feel bad idk haha whatever. So I got a 24 hour prohibit the other day and that I was quite mad about it because I did not think I did anything wrong. Either way I don't even know how to bot lmao. I guessed I t bother attractive it since it was only a day so I went with my organization. The next day I get on and detect my bank is messed up. . .YES JAGEX eliminated many of my valuable things as punishment... really an incredible amount. I was mad but what do I do. . . .is currently 97. . . .except thief... theres 99,... now im absolutely mad.

    Guess I have a lot of work to do. . .anyways finally the 3rd thing that they did which was probably the thing that pis*&d me off the most is my entire bank account was rearragned and no more in order. . .OCD kicked . . .they dont even know how long that took me to install lmao! Guess I have a lot of work ahead of me. Either way... only the fact that there is bots upsets me because that's the main reason this all occurred. Comment if out of all of cheap RS gold the punishments..the fact that the entire bank was staged could pisoff you off the most!