I've been doing my best to RuneScape

  • Members: Agility: Should you become a member, and RS gold train this ability to say, 50, subsequently unsubscribe, do you still get the Skill bonus in f2p worlds or not? Misc: Max coin or maximum coin pile, does this exist? And I believe those are all my questions. Thank you in advance for any answers you can offer, but I'm searching for details not rumors.

    These concerns are for anyone who has finished Summer's End. I began the pursuit yesterday, and have gotten to the point of dealing with this Spirit Beast. Despite following guides and having good food and potions, I discover that somehow, I always end up screwing up when I am trying to get the 3 pyres from the cave lit, and also have died repeatedly. . .is it supposed to take an obscene number of trips to find this exploration?

    I've been doing my best to watch the monster and hear the sounds that correspond with his assault, but always seem to run into trouble. I am starting to get frustrated and am wondering exactly how much difficulty this exploration caused you all personally, or if failing this much at it's typical or I need to work more on hitpoints (I am at 76 hp right now).

    So. . .how often would you say that you died doing this quest? I understand guides state that it is typical to die even at a high level, but how often did you actually die? For that matter, the number of hitpoints did you have when you did the pursuit?

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated as well. That quest was awful really bad... when I was doing fine there were crying cats around to distract me and allow me to neglect or I was simply too nervous cause of the beast. I hope you did not light one of those pyre yet... I had that problem it actually made things poor. Light all when they're ready!

    The only real advice I could give is ooglog (or whatever that is called) boundless energy pool. And trying, attempting trying. I did it on a different account after mine... Saves an hournever expired and enjoy 40 swordies and a few pray pots doses utilized. After you get itit's really a piece of cake... before that good fortune and buy runescape 3 gold have good nerves.