People are asking for this since NFL Street

  • I understand that we can be"happy" for Madden 21 coins a new manner. However, after a few years of no real improvement to gameplay or AI or a number of other items, adding new game modes feels just like a shallow way to get more sales. Everybody saying they're copying The Park out of 2K are not aware they're copying Volta from FIFA that was copying Threes out of NHL that was copying The Park that has been around in some form since like 2K5.

    They are copying nfl street, which pre-dates any of the shit you're talking about. Look at all that personalization which won't be in Franchise. I am confused so based on the prototypes they've does that mean we can't select precisely the kinda player we want? I wanna be a WR/Safety but that is not feasible on this particular list so does this mean I'd have to earn a QB/Safety but line up at WR on crime cause which makes no sense.

    Wel you could probably play WR/CB and lineup at safety which offers you a better match. But you can also tune your abilities and stats to perform just like wherever you lineup. Complete excuse to get paid makeup and skins into Madden. Absolutely disgusting. Will not be enough for me to purchase but I like this addition. People are asking for this since NFL Street. Not the same style but folks are asking for this type of match for awhile.

    I dont disagree with this, but year in and year out people ask for advancement to franchise, so im sure a great 90 percent of the fan base will be inclined to sacrifice non-sense game-modes like The Yard, Superstar KO, and Longshot for a good franchise improvments. Oh absoulutely. I appreciate the good ideas but you'd think they would operate to make the base modes better instead of merely including a slew of other manners just because they can.

    I truly wish Longshot was not a thing. They do not want two shitty variations bundled into one match. Do not forget that r/Madden represents a tiny minority of the total Madden participant population, and just making things that people ask for straight is a poor way to innovate. I love your perspective! Been waiting to get a group play style that doesn't require hundreds of Mut 21 coins hours of grinding because Madden 12. Speak for yourself.