PSO2: NG previews show what new features to expect

  • With Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis slated for 2021, we have a ways to go, but PSO2 Meseta Sega doesn't mind discussing previews of what's to come. The alterations to its MMO is going to be significant in bringing the sport into the contemporary age. The changes will assuredly also bring plenty of future enjoyment to fans. Sega's hour long livestream throughout the Tokyo Game Show centered on the open-world map, the three brand new player classes, RPG elements, and much more. There's a good deal of stuff in the complete video, but we've collected the highlights for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

    Starting with the open world aspects, we're very happy to find that the segmentation is indeed gone from the majority of the experience. There'll still be battle and exploration zones, but we'll typically be able to roam within an abysmal experience and enjoy the game's amazing motor from more angles and perspectives. You are able to dash or glide to save a bit of time and of course, seem cool.

    Another major feature worth mentioning from the trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has been the coming of the new player classes. You'll have the ability to pick from the Ranger, Force, and Hunter classes at start. Each class deals damage in a unique manner with special skills to boot up.

    The Hunter is great for getting up close and personal with high damage melee attacks, but it also includes higher risk oftentimes. Therefore, you can elect to pick the Force class should you like to sit back and throw ranged attacks while having access to an array of abilities. The Ranger looks particularly dynamic though, as it supports high freedom and impressive ranged damage. We'll have to see how these balance out, but we are eager to say the least.

    If you are trying to get into Phantasy Star Online 2, today remains a fantastic time. It recently found on Steam and still enjoys a huge population of gamers. There is new content via Episode 4 to appreciate also, and cheap meseta pso2 a host of Valve crossover items which you can use. Once New Genesis starts, the game will proceed over to that stage.