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  • The most efficient way to farm buy rs3 gold commendations is Pest Control, though it more dead now as it isn helped by the fact that elite void is now useless at high levels/endgame due to Invention. If you have access to t80 power armour (maybe t70 too) that can have decent Invention perks on it, then it better dps than void.

    This is dumb, I can only play 3 hours a day and the game mode is just not for people like me. I have nothing and often have no gear and just get randomly specced by people and killed before I can run away. I play so little that I can rebuild and close the gap. I fine with this, but people need to stop saying that it not hard to catch up. It is. This game mode is not for casuals. That fine, but people need to accept that rather then having this dumb futile argument.

    Farrowing cages are still cruel, I do not see how you can say PETA spreads misinformation about them when it factual. The fact is that pigs, which are highly intelligent (on par with dogs) cannot physically move for weeks on end, how is that remotely humane for an intelligent, sentient creature?

    They probably eventually created special alloy bars that are heavily percentaged to gold, but much like IRL coins, have a mix of other metals in them. And this being a fantasy medieval game, the bars probably have traces of magic in them to help their value while also providing a means of tracing AND tracking the bars if they get stolen.

    I think your list is very good and comprehensive. I believe that Sandy's views have been moulded through exposure to one sided opinions, in the situation in the Middle East, there are many shades of grey, it is not limited to black and white. There is also cause and effect and the laws of unintended consequence, especially in the Middle East which is a region of many complexities.

    The lily flowers unlike many other species of flowers come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and colours. This has been the result of hybrid pollination over the years. Lilies bloom around late May to early October, depending upon the variety. Though lilies have a pleasing appearance and smell, not all varieties are the same. Some lilies are even poisonous.

    "No Smoking" is a superb 1951 Disney cartoon depicting the history oftobacco use and, in modern times, Goofy's addiction and attempt to quit(there's a hilarious Mad Men ish scene of an office full of smokers). Itends with him smoking an exploding cigar as the narrator concludes: "Givethe smoker enough rope and he'll hang on to his habit."
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